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Buzz around !
11.16.08 (2:14 am)   [edit]

Sometime I think I should make one social bookmarking portal where everyone can unite and where everyone can share their thoughts , but I don't know how to setup things . Blogging is my hobby but I don't have enough idea's about other stuffs . I am inspired from social bookmarking site of Pakitan which is made by someone pakistani , it was my ambition but it's completed by someone else . Whoever is the creator I was in need of such portal and I found one where I can find all the related content from pakistan . It's really nice to see pakistan making progress in the fields of websites and IT - though IT is the main backbone behind all this and I hope one day it will be proudy to say , no place is better than pakistan !

Lets go for entertainment ..
11.15.08 (11:28 am)   [edit]
USR as the name suggests is your best friend online where you can get to read all the latest news from the world of cinema, the sports updates, the entertainment news that is happening all over the Globe, the latest celebrity buzz, and some genuinely interesting articles that will fascinate you.You will get them all here under one single roof(website) and thus the name USR.From software to strollers for your three year old, celebrity gossips to medications, alternate lifestyle to relationships, you will get them all under one single roof.Subscribe to it and get the latest update!! Be Good, Do Good!!

Endless pleasure ..
10.21.08 (11:20 am)   [edit]
I am going to tell you truly that I find pleasure in just two things , one while I talk to my wife and children and other when I go to Adult Internet Mall lol – the time when downloading is in process is a very annoying time for me , I plan lots of things that I’ll do this that and blah blah but at the end I release all the things in one jerk lol ! My wife is not that romantic and she don’t like sexual things very rapidly so for this I have to take advantage of internet lol – and yeah I find pleasure myself , I just download movies from the top sites and then watch movies with the big thing in my hand lol – I am not going to call it by name lol , because I am feeling shyness . Adult Store are really one of the best place and I love to watch movies by top models , sometime you need to watch different girls to awoke the naughty person inside you - and yeah that should be , human body need this kind of relaxation once in a week and if it is provided regularly to the human body then it can work hard without diverting his thinking to wrong side . just with the jerk release everything and you will be safe from lots of bugs in this world lol !

An entertainment of today !
10.21.08 (11:18 am)   [edit]
People now a days look for new and innovative ideas to entertain themselves and for this lots of people do nonsense activities to create a fun – however in performing such activities sometime they leave a dark impression on the mind of viewers lol – yeah I am talking about the importance of adult videos in our lives . Most of the unmarried people watch adult videos , this may be because of the fact that they don’t have a life partner . Yeah there is no surprise in it , human need some kind of sexual entertainment once in a week . For this entertainment they need to watch something unique which can be different from the ordinary living style – I find a lot of entertainment in this kind of shows , though I am married but my wife need a different style of sexual entertainment from me and for this I watch new techniques of romance with wife . So, right now I Adult VOD is in process and I may be buying it within seconds , thought I can Download Adult DVD on my laptop but now a days my internet connection is very slow , that’s why I am going to order one for me !

Get Traffic From a Web Directory
10.16.08 (2:33 am)   [edit]
Some of the best sources of traffic are the older web directories that can still be found on the Internet today. Some of these websites have been around for years and are a great and cheap source to gain traffic for your website. Often times when performing a web search you get these directory sites showing up in the SERPS because they have valuable information that searches are looking for. Another good reason to get your website listed in several web directories is the similar factor. Having your website linked out on the same page as other websites with the same theme helps the search engines recognize the niche of your website. In a top notch web directory you can get your link placed in the same category as other sites that are similar to yours. Most web directories offer a one-time fee to review your website. This is a very cost effective way to build traffic for your website. The average fee for a quality directory listing is about $70.00 and if your website is up for 5 years the cost per month break down is $1.16 per month. There is not too many places on the Internet where you can find advertising for this cheap. Plus the human review factor ensures that spammy website's are not include and helps give your website more credibility with the major search engines.

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